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It's all about 1分钟极速赛车168官网网址-168极速赛车官网开奖历史和开奖结果 Korean home cooking. Looking for a recipe or ingredient?? Just search below:

Updated recipe

Pan fried tofu with spicy sauce Dububuchim-yangnyeomjang 두부부침양념장

Pan fried tofu with spicy sauce Dububuchim-yangnyeomjang 두부부침양념장

This pan-fried tofu with seasoning sauce is a favorite among Koreans. Simple to make and delicious, you won’t believe how good tofu can taste, with just a few ingredients!

Classic recipe

Easy bulgogi Mak-bulgogi 막불고기

BBQ Season has come! How about making Korean easy bulgogi? You can simply pan-fry the marinated beef on the BBQ and it’s done in minutes. Just a few ingredients but full, delicious traditional Korean flavor!

New recipe

Shredded cabbage pickles Yangbaechu-pickle 양배추피클

yangbaechu pickle

This shredded pickle is beautiful, tangy, and crunchy. It goes well with everything, takes just a minute to make, and compliments the whole table. Let’s shred some pickles!

Classic recipe

168极速赛车官网开奖直播计划 168官网极速赛车开奖记录 一分钟极速赛车开奖记录查询计划 极速赛车 Kimchi hot dog kimchi hat-dokeu 김치 핫도그

This recipe combines a technique I learned from a Toronto bus station street vendor with my own spicy, sour, well-fermented Korean kimchi. For me this is the best of best summertime hot dog.

New recipe

Spicy raw fish Hoe-muchim 회무침

Hoe-muchim (Spicy Korean raw fish)

Sweet, sour, and spicy, this hoe-muchim is inspired by a restaurant in my seaside hometown of Yeosu. When you get some very fresh fish, this recipe should be high on your list to make!

1 minute video on how to make jjajangbap, blackbean sauce with rice! 짜장밥!

Everyone loves black bean noodles, but did you know that black bean rice is easier to make, super delicious, and is a great way to use up your chunjang?

This video is a one-minute edit of my full recipe and video here.

Updated recipe

Cold cucumber soup side dish Oi-naengguk 오이냉국

Cold cucumber soup

Are you looking for something refreshing, light, healthy, and cold cold cold? This is it! These cool cucumber matchsticks in an icy, garlicky, sweet, sour, and salty brine are just the thing.

Updated recipe

Cold noodles in chilled broth Mul-naengmyeon 물냉면


Korean icy cold noodles are so savory and refreshing, they are an awesome way to cool down in the summer but I eat them all year round. Why? Because I love the tangy, savory, and a little sweet taste of the broth, and the noodles are soft but chewy at the same time. How is it possible? : )

Updated recipe

Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit Patbingsu 팥빙수

Korean shaved Ice with Sweet Red Beans and Fruits (Patbingsu: 팥빙수)

Korean shaved ice desserts (bingsu) are a fun and delicious way to cool down in the summer. My favorite is the traditional patbingsu with sweet red beans, soft soft rice cakes (injeolmi) and fruits. I’ve been eating it every summer for my whole life!

Updated recipe

Hot and spicy rice cake Tteokbokki 떡볶이

Tteokbokki is chewy rice cakes cooked in a red, spicy broth. It’s something I used to eat on the streets of Korea after school. My version uses anchovy stock, which combines beautifully with the spicy sauce and soft rice cakes.

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Classic recipe

Easy-to-make kimchi Mak-kimchi 막김치

Easy kimchi (Mak-kimchi 막김치)

A traditional, simpler, & faster way to make classic kimchi, done by chopping the cabbage in the beginning. Spicy, fermented, and delicious, it’s a great side dish for any meal!

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