Camp Mujigae

A Korean Culture Camp in Albany, New York


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Thank you!

"Thank You" from a parent

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so very much for helping my kids attend Camp Mujigae! They had a fabulous time and want to come back every year. I also had a great time volunteering! My daughter made friends with another girl in her group and they have been keeping in touch via their moms' Facebook messenger and sending each other stickers. Although my other daughter didn't necessarily click with the other girls in the overnight Senior I she made friends with a young lady who was a day camper and she absolutely loved her counselors Alys, Colin, and Tom. She talked endlessly about them, how funny and supportive they were. On Monday when I saw her she said, " see that guy there in the blue shirt (Tom). He is the best person in the world.You guys really do a great job of bringing in counselors who make the kids feel incredibly welcomed and cared for and who are really good with kids.  

Lastly I have to tell you how against going to the camp my son was. The other two were so excited but he was completely distraught about going. Arguments and tears were involved no matter how much we explained to him all of the positives for going to Camp Mujigae. Even walking into the door of the dormitory I could see how nervous and upset he was. I walked him up to his room where he appeared to relax a little. He left camp on Wednesday not wanting to leave and even asked me to wait till the very last second to pick him up. I think the big thing for him was not the classes so much but the connections he made with the other kids and counselors. He even wants to move to the Bethlehem area in NY. I don't think he knew what he was missing until he met his new friends. Unlike my daughters, my son has no friends that are also adopted and I think that above all else was the greatest gift for him in going to Camp Mujigae! So again I thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts!!!
My Best,
Heather Olschewske

THANK YOU For Another Great Year at Camp!

Korean Adoption Services, The Ministry of Health and Welfare Affairs for financially helping Mujigae.
The Korean Presbyterian  Church of Albany, which organizes and provides the cultural program. 
Students from Sookmyung Women's  University in Seoul, South Korea, who also provide classes for our campers.  
Korean Adoption Services, The Ministry of Health and Welfare Affairs for financially helping Mujigae.