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    Hey there! Unfortunately Seafood City is no longer in business. Just wanted to leave a comment so the site can be updated. We also need to add Pan Asia to the list of grocery store in the area. It’s newer and very big! Great Korean selection.

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    Seafood City is the largest Asian Market in the STL area. The fishball selection is massive and so is the seafood. They are Vietnamese owned but cater very well to many Asian cooking styles including Korean.

    The sauce isle is 2nd to none. If you are looking for a hard to find sauce or paste this is the place to look….It is one of the few places that has Chu Hou paste which is critical for making real Chinese BBQ pork. Olive Market across the street also sells it.

    Soy sauce and fish sauce selection is just insane too and yes….. they do carry RedBoat 40N and the good LKK soy sauces. Korean pepper flakes/paste selection is very good too.

    Rice selection is great but Global Foods is almost as good with better pricing.

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