Experience a new way to shop with the MUJI passport app - your passport to a good life.

MUJI passport

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"MUJI passport” is a free smartphone application designed for users to access information about MUJI anytime and anywhere. It provides news, store information and product information to enable a more convenient shopping experience. Users can also collect miles and access shopping coupons.

How do you use the MUJI passport application?

from MUJI

You will receive recommendations from stores and MUJI. Follow your favorite stores to receive the latest information about our stores. Articles may be favorited and saved for later viewing.

Product catalog

You can see the products sold by MUJI. You can purchase products at the online store.

MUJI mile

You can collect MUJI miles when you present the app at the time of purchase. Earn miles when you check in to the store.
*You will not earn miles when you make purchases at the online store. (As of August 2021)


Coupons will be available on the MUJI passport app. During MUJI Week, you will receive a special coupon only for MUJI passport app members.

Store Locator&Check-in

You can search for MUJI stores. You can also earn miles by checking in when you visit the store.