A tiny mom & pop shop, with very sweet owners. Although the store is small, there is a good selectiono fo dry gooos: gochugaru, korean canned tuna, sauces, dried mushrooms, soup mixes, pajeon nix, etc.

Sometimes there is fresh homemade kimchi for sale! They also rent Korean videos

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  1. chae.cruz@gmail.com Vallejo joined 6/24 & has 1 comment

    I’m so glad this store is featured! I’ve been going to Hosana for over 10 years! It’s about a 20 min drive from Vallejo. The owners are the nicest, sweetest and kind people I’ve encountered! The wife always remembers me and my family and gives my son a free jelly cup every time! They’re very helpful with my Korean cooking ideas. They have a decent selections of items despite their size. I go there to buy sliced ribeye for bulgogi, their in-house kimchee is hands down the best I’ve eaten! (Trust me I’ve had tons of kimchee in my life), snacks, frozen Korean cheese dogs, ice cream and tea. I’m actually headed there today to pickup supplies for bulgogi and japchae! Shop and support local!

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