A Towel You Can Use Every Day

This towel is made of 100% organic cotton, is highly absorbent, and has a gentle texture, making it perfect for daily use.
  • Gentle Texture

    Towels directly touch your skin.
    This product uses loosely-twisted yarn to give it a gentle texture. The yarn is also 100% organic cotton, making it friendly to producers and the environment.

  • Your Choice of Thickness

    This towel comes in three different thicknesses for various uses. The medium-thick type is just right for everyday use, the thin type is less bulky and dries quickly, and the thick type has superior water absorbency and durability.

  • A Series with Everlasting Utility

    The small and regular bath towels come with lines for cutting, allowing you to easily reuse them for other purposes after they have finished their roles as towels.

  • Various sizes are available

The perfect size for bringing around

Hand towel (34x35cm / Approx. 13.4” x 13.8")

The product is designed with a loop, allowing it to be used in various settings.


  • The perfect size

    I purchased this towel to wipe my wet hands in the kitchen. Before that, I was using a face towel that I had casually bought elsewhere, but it was a bit too large for wiping my hands. This hand towel is the perfect size, so I love using it. I highly recommend this product, as it has great cost performance and is soft to the touch.

  • Excellent for use as a kitchen towel

    This towel is the perfect size and soaks up water really well. I change the towel every day, and it is very user-friendly as I can hang it up by the loop in the corner when I am not using it. I have bought three pieces so that I can alternate between them, and I am really enjoying this product.

  • I use it to wipe my tableware.

    I use this towel to wipe my tableware after washing it. I like the color, and its size is just right.


Easy to Use and Perfectly Sized

Face towel (34x85cm / Approx. 13.4" x 33.5")

They're useful for a variety of things, not just drying off after a bath.


  • Pile Weave Face TowelIdeal Thickness

    Absorbent and quick to dry after a turn in the laundry, this towel feels wonderful against your skin. In my house, we use different color towels for different things, so everyone in the family knows which towel is for what.

  • Thin Pile Weave Face TowelUse Instead of a Bath Towel

    My family doesn't use bath towels at home, we use a single face towel each to dry off after bathing, and these towels are the perfect thing. The fabric is thin, but instead of the patchy, uneven pile of older cheap towels, the short pile loops of this fabric are lush and close together in a sturdy weave. They dry out well even in a room with scant sunlight, and we've never had problems with that damp laundry smell or discoloration when using them.

  • Thick Pile Weave Face TowelLuxurious

    It's amazing finding such thickness and drape at a price like this. The short pile loops of the fabric mean that even after laundering there's never been any pilling or worn spots. Actually, I like to use mine as a pillow cover.


Hotel-style large size

Bath towel (70x140cm / Approx. 27.6” x 55.1”)

Generously sized to fully wrap around the body.


  • Pile Weave Bath Towel With Further OptionsWrap-around size

    They are a bit bigger than the bath towels I usually use, but I can use them to keep wrapped up during the chilly seasons ahead. Even though they are this cheap, they have a nice texture, and are properly absorbent. I am very satisfied with the value for money.

  • Pile Weave Thin Bath Towel With Further Options Quick drying is handy.

    They are soft, supple, and easy to use. They also dry quickly. I did not experience any loose threads. The cutting lines for further uses are a good feature for the times.

  • Pile Weave Thick Bath Towel With Further OptionsGood value for money!

    The material is thick, and the size is large. They also thought about further uses when wear out, so the value for money is good as well. If I had to mention a single flaw, maybe it is that they dry slower because they are so thick.


Towel care

Daily care tips for longer use

Organic cotton that considers both the environment and the producers

Organic cotton is cotton grown in soil that has been free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers for at least three years. With the goal of sustainable cotton production that benefits both the environment and the producers, MUJI has taken initiatives to increase the ratio of our products that use organic cotton for more than 20 years. As a result, almost all the cotton in our clothing is now organic cotton.
For MUJI, using organic cotton for clothing has become the norm, not the exception.